2017 Cadillac Escala Concept

The new 2017 Cadillac Escala Concept uses the latest platform Omega, as the production version maybe the car will receive the name Cadillac CT8. The expected price of the Cadillac CT8 in the US starts from $ 60,000.Β Get the review of the 2017 Cadillac Escala Concept.
This vehicle belongs to the Premium Luxury F-class of cars, combines two in one the body sedan and trunk liftback.

The interior of the Cadillac Escala Concept is the same two-faced and unusual as its exterior. On the front seats the driver and passenger can feel the desire to drive fast (sports seat, high tunnel dividing the interior on cockpit), enjoy the entertainment systems and communication with the outside world (three curved screen OLED screens, the ability to connect a smartphone and access to the Internet). In the second row, both of passengers will feel comfortably and will enjoy the cozy chairs.

2017 Cadillac Escala Concept image

In the interior of the car are used qualitative leather and fabric (even the trunk), inlays of real wood and brushed aluminum. The luggage compartment has an impressive size.

2017 Cadillac Escala Concept interior photo

2017 Cadillac Escala Concept specifications

The new platform Omega uses aluminum and composite materials in the structure of the body frame and the outer hinged panels, has a fully independent suspension with adaptive shock absorbers wheel Magnetic Ride Control. The levers are made from forged aluminum, the rear wheels have a rudder effect. As the standart build the vehicle has Rear Wheel Drive (RWD). Maybe, the car will have and four-wheel drive AWD too.
The engine is the new petrol 4.2-liter twin-turbo V-8 motor (500 hp), works with 8 speed automatic Hydra-Matic 8L90. The engine is equipped with the Active Management system which deactivates half of cylinders, at light loads it saves a fuel consumption.

77 Replies to “2017 Cadillac Escala Concept”

  1. Cadilac this is the one that will put you back on top. I do want a Lexus, but if in Dec 17 I know when the Escala will be released I can wait a little longer.

  2. I Love this this style Cadillac can’t wait until it comes out. I’m car shopping right now but I’m going to wait for this Escala to be release.I can see myself drink this car. German cars this will be your competition. Send me a brochure on this Escala soon as you all receive them. I’m ready to own this Cadillac.

  3. was going to buy the 2017 Mercedes E300 awd will wait til march 2018 after auto show to see if this car will be in production if not will will buy the 2018 e-300. SDharpest car i have seen in a long time.

  4. I’ve been a BMW & Mercedes man for years but like most of you I saw the commercial and fell in love with this vehicle even got rid of my 640i grand coupe with the anticipation of getting one.
    I’ve been gathering mounts of information on this vehicle, I’ve even called Cadillac manufacturer and the only thing they could tell me is they may or may not release this vehicle for production in late November or December. I’m waiting and hoping like everyone else. FYI: I’ve never been a Cadi or American made vehicle person.

  5. The most beautiful car, I’ve seen in a long time. Cadillac has a lot of people waiting.

  6. Husband and I have both retired this year (2017), was going for the Jaguar XJ until we saw the commercial of the Escala. We will wait a year, if not release, we will buy the Jaguar XJ.

  7. I am in love with this car. I was surprised of the $60K price, thought it would be a lot more expensive. Please hurry and bring into production. This can be a 2018 birthday gift to me.

  8. I own a 86 regal, 93 silverado, 05 escalade. long story short, escala will be my first new car.my friends say if it ain’t friends it’s boring, and I say come drive my wife’s 2017 caddy cts v, then talk to me later. Make sure you keep the name escala forget ct8, and save one for me.
    Gm to the bone.
    PS: It was a error on my last post I was trying to say if it aint forien it’s boring.

  9. I never liked the Cadillac styling that came about like 10 or 12 years ago with the sharp angles, but this new design is truly drop dead gorgeous and world class. It has a look all its own while all cars including the Japanese and German cars are losing the distinctive look. This should be Cadillac’s new look for its whole line. You will see people leave the high end imports in droves when this car comes out. Hopefully Cadillac doesn’t drags its butt or change the style one bit when it goes to production. This car is a major home run! Way to go Cadillac!

  10. This car had me researching… it turned my head… never thought I would like a Cadillac. Wow!!! Nice!πŸ˜ƒ

  11. I absolutely love this car. It is Beautiful!!!
    My wife and I are on our fifth Cadillac.
    We have been very pleased with our purchases.
    We didn’t even test drive any of the Cadillacs we
    have ever owned because we love the brand.
    I hope this car becomes an option when I’m ready
    for my next Cadillac purchase because I’m pretty confident that there will be another Cadillac that we will own. Thanks for a great ride!

  12. I need to know the price of this car to make plan for purchase of this car that I am waiting for. This will be my last car that I’m purchasing. I come from a family of Cadillac lover and this will be a dream for me.

  13. Im in love with this car! Ive owned BMWs for the past 15 years, but ive always had a real love for Cadillacs. This car is sleek and so classy. I want this one!

  14. I saw the commercial & lost my mind!!! Where is it when can I buy it???😘

  15. Dear Cadillac,
    The second my wife saw this car her jaw dropped. She never comments on any car designs and currently drives a S550 Mercedes. She informed me that she will be trading off her Mercedes and own this car if it produced.
    I must tell you that I was equally as impressed with this vehicle and have been fortunate to own and drive many nice vehicles in my life including Mercedes and even Roll’s Royce. This car will be a huge success.
    Please build this car. It needs to be released right away.

  16. Oh wow Cadillac. You all really out did yourselves this time with the Escala. I want one real bad. Please put it on the market asap.

  17. Absolutely beautiful and stunning!!!!! My jaw dropped when I saw the commercial. I instantly researched the car and was disappointed to see it’s still just a concept. IMO Cadillac needs to really bring this car into production, and starting at $60k is not a bad price. I for one will be more than happy to spend the money; just based on its looks alone, it would be worth every penny spent!

  18. I saw this commercial I saw it last night I want this car I’ve been a fan of Cadillac the mid-seventies starting with the Seville right now I own a classic 1985Fleetwood brougham2door I’m so glad Cadillac came back strong Keep It coming.

  19. Well, bad a** all I have to say! They need this, I have 2015 XTS4 and love it. Ready for this now!!!

  20. I own a Mercedes but would switch in a heartbeat if this Cadillac is released to the public!!!

  21. I love this car. Its in a class by itself. If you build it I will come. Cadillac Girl for Life!

  22. Please build this car, looking to buy another Cadillac but everything aside from the Escalade is too small for my taste and needs. I will leave the 2016 Mercedes Benz S600 Maybach for the 2018 Escala aka CT8… Please bring me back to an American built luxury sedan. Otherwise I will continue to buy and drive high line German automobiles from Mercedes Benz. Again, please!

  23. The Escala is stunningly beautiful and you need to put it into production asap. For the half of us that live in snow country, please release it with an AWD version. I was an early buyer of your re-designed ’08 CTS, and re-designed ’14 CTS – both of which had a number of bugs, but I’d also order the Escala sight unseen. When can I fill out an order sheet?

  24. The second I saw the commercial for this car I immediately started researching it and watching all the videos I could find. I am in love with this Cadillac Escala. If you do get it on the market I will, without a doubt, buy it. It will be my first car ever; I am so excited!

  25. My xts is almost 5 years old and I’ve resisted buying a car so far…. seeing this I can’t resist!!! WOW!!! Can’t wait!!

  26. I own Mercedes s550 Matt white 2010 love the car i went from Cadillac because no style but seeing this concept wow.

  27. Please sell me this car. I’ve been waiting for Cadillac to put another car out that I just have to have. This will be my 3rd Cadillac.

  28. I’m homeless with big dreams. In the next 5 years I will have a home, a career, and the Cadillac Escala. The BMW use to be my all time favoritems car since high school until I saw the Cadillac Escala. It’s has a sexy and high-end look which I will match in my years to prosper. I may be down now but I will rise to my goals and live life to the fullest in this beautiful car.

  29. I mean like really only a concept, My husband must be seeing things he said he has seen this car on the streets of Chicago and he knows his cars so I have been on all the Cadillac web sites and here it is a CONCEPT you have got to be kidding me, we are in the market to buy a new car, we have owned a SRX for 6 yrs and was looking at other makes, til we both saw the Escala and I said that’s it, that’s the one so grown and sexy like me, please make my dream car a reality so I can stay a Cadillac owner, only problem we may have to buy two so we can keep a happy marriage Lol.

  30. I would love to own this Cadillac it is beautiful. Will this one be produced or you just teasing us again

  31. Love the concept car, however at 60k might be a little pricey. I know it’s a Cadillac and they are a luxury car, but really.

  32. Please build the Cadillac escala,I was so disappointed when you decided not to build the ceil, so please don’t disappoint me again.

  33. This car is cadilac perfection it should be called alpha and omega a1 design if the French was looking for a new design to rep the beauty of a female this is it great job Cadillac your back with a bang.

  34. I really really LOVE THIS CAR so please tell me it’s going into production soon.

  35. Absolutely LOVE IT! I love the look of this vehicle and read all of the info. given on it and this is going to be the BEAST of Caddy’s…Flagship huh! πŸ˜‰
    This car is the one I have been waiting for. PLEASE send it to production.
    This one is a MUST HAVE.

  36. I’ve had a Cadillac crossover and an the STS. I’m now in a BMW 6 series which is awesome but I would live in this Escala! Hands down this would be the best car on pavement!the price on this has to be over 100k. And I’m sure there would be nothing “base” of there was even a “base” model.

  37. I read that this car is strictly concept only and won’t make it to production! I hope that’s not the case cuz this car is beyond its years and just amazing!! Saw it the LA auto show and it was my fave car of the day. I’m already a Cadi Escalade owner (2nd one) and would to have this in my garage as well. Having owned Mercedes – BMW – Audi – Lexus a this would be right in the same league if not better! Cmon – Cadi – produce this car!!!

  38. I am a broke college student but I will tell you this, ” I’m buying this car all cash down. I want all black and I am driving this to school 2017 Fall. Don’t play with me like this I just feel in Love!!!!!!πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈπŸ˜³πŸ˜€

  39. If I have a billion dollars, I will buy each caddy that I like, the CTS-V, CT6, ELMIRAJ, and of course the new ESCALA. So far I’m just so close and happy with my DENALI.

  40. One word…IMPRESSIVE! I am a Cadillac fan at heart, but this is over the top! I am on my 7th Escalade and also have the ATS-V, as well as other performance cars. The Escala will have a place in my garage as soon as it becomes available. Please don’t make us wait. Sales are sure to climb with this one!

  41. I’ve never liked Caddies but this one caught my eye and probably would purchase once it get on the market. I would love to see it in a pearl white and see the price of it.

  42. I’m waiting. I have CTS but intended to buy a CT6 this year but something just wasn’t clicking. The Escala is the perfect fit. Hurry and get it on the market.

  43. This car is the epitimy of class and style. I can’t wait to own one. I have driven Cadillacs for over 30 years and that is all I will ever drive. I have had two Fleetwoods, one DTS and two Escalades. This Escala has absolutely caught my eye. Great job….. Thank you Cadillac.

  44. I seen this driving the street and it got caught at the previous light I pulled over to wait til it drove by and absolutely fell in love while perspiring I cant wait I cant wait I’embody class & this car fit my style.

  45. This is my second comment Love the car escala hope it goes in to production please please I have a ct6 an I love that car.

  46. We love the concept. Question is “when will you make it available? We want to buy it!!!

  47. After being sold a 1981 deville with a buick aluminum engine i swore i would never buy another caddy. This might push me to buy.

  48. Absolutely on point with this one Cadillac. Style, power, comfort, and tech worthy. All the automobile a driver could want. Will purchase when available.

  49. I’ve always stated I’d never own a Cadillac due to the stereotypes. But after seeing this vehicle, my immediate reaction was…..what stereotype!!! I want this car.

  50. Elegant,stylish.
    The most beautiful car I’ve. Ever seen, bravo
    My new dream car.

  51. This is a car I can see myself looking back at after parking it for years.
    Finally could justify owning a Cadillac.

  52. Fabulous I have the CT6 can’t wait to own an Escala.
    Please contact when it’s available for purchase.

  53. Love the car but that steering wheel killed the interior.. needs more meat on it.. everything a volume and fullness and destroyed it with a toothpick steering wheel.. i am a caddy man for life and love this new car, but the wheel is the down fall when you look at the art inside..

  54. Simply Amazing! I can’t wait for when we’re able to build & price; starting price $60,000. Not bad at all. I think when I own my own I’d definitely show up at my High School reunion for sure.

  55. great car ! I’ve been waiting 15 years to buy another caddy ‘cuz the current ones do not appeal to me at all. can’t wait to buy the escala, awesome job !

  56. This is one of the baddest cars Cadillac put together, I can’t wait to own the Escala it has it’s own signature of Class.

  57. I didn’t get the price for the 2017 Cadillac escala concept. It’s a smooth car, and I like the style, l can see myself driving it. Do you have brochure on that car, I will love to have one. Thank.

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