2019 Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen G-class

Here is the review of the new 2019 Mercedes Gelandewagen AMG with photo and video, price and technical specs. The technique of the new 2019 G-class got almost all workings of the company Mercedes-Benz, which were created almost in 40 years of production of the SUV vehicle model.

2019 Mercedes G-class Gelandewagen price

Sales of the new 2019 Mercedes G-Class Gelandewagen in Europe began in the mid-2018, its price starts at 107040 euros for specs Mercedes-Benz G 500 with 422 hp. petrol V8 biturbo AMG it works with automatic transmission 9G-Tronic.

2019 Mercedes Gelandewagen G exterior photo

2019 Mercedes Gelandewagen G specs

The interior of the new 2019 Mercedes Gelandewagen G-class is much more spacious than its predecessor had.
As a basis, the new car has a frame made of high-strength steel. The new body with a steel frame and hinged details from aluminum (wings, hood and doors) demonstrates excellent characteristics of torsional stiffness.

2019 Mercedes Gelandewagen G interior photo

The minimum ground clearance increased by 6 mm to 241 mm, the ability to overcome the depth of the ford to 700 mm (+100 mm to the predecessor). The geometric patency of the body did not increase significantly, but it’s still a nice bonus.
The angle of entry is 31 degrees, the angle of the ramp is 26 degrees, the angle of the exit is 30 degrees.
The drive is full, with three locks of differentials. The distribution of traction between front and rear wheels is 40 by 60 by default in favor of the rear axle. The lowering gear with a gear ratio of 2.93. There is also electronics, changing the performance of the engine, gearbox, steering and suspension, depending on the selected mode: Comfort, Sport, Eco, Individual or G-Mode (off-road mode).
Since the start of sales, the new 2019 Gelandewagen has just one spec available, it is the Mercedes-Benz G 500 with petrol 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine (422 hp 610 Nm) which works with the new 9-speed automatic transmission (9G-Tronic). The regulated fuel consumption is at least 11.1 liters in a combined mode.
The Mercedes company plans to offer a wider range of petrol and diesel engines V6 and V8 for the new generation G-class by the end of 2018.

2019 Mercedes Gelandewagen G video test

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