2019 Apple electric car project

The production version of new Apple Car will appear in the 2019-2020 year, its price will be about $50.000. Apple Inc. has selected German BMW i3 as the basis for own new electric vehicle Applecar. There are some news, photo and specsĀ about an autonomous gadget with wheels which is known as the Apple Electric Car Project Titan.

2019 Apple new Car Icar photo

The name of the new Apple`s car direction is Project Titan. For working in the project not only Apple`s experts were involved, but also automotive engineers and designers, who previously worked in the famous automobile companies. Mainly Apple involved specialists who had experience in training car to move without driver. As the technical basis for the Apple Car was used BMW i3, which is the most modern and advanced version of the electric cars in our days.
Serial version of the 1st Apple Car (there will be a second and a third ones… similar to iPhone) is able to accommodate comfortably a driver and three passengers. There will be a big set of recent gadgets for them in Apple car interior (touch screens and panels, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, iPhone and IPad integration, etc.). There are inside no physical controls in the cabin, all functions can be controlled by touching the wrist monitors or hand`s wave. Apple Car can relocate itself with passengers and without them . If desired, the driver can deactivate the autopilot function.

Specs Apple Car

Electric car can be ordered with one or two electric engines (125-150 kW) and one of some battery variants (from 25 to 50 kWh). Depending on the installed battery and electric motor car will be able to overcome 125-250 miles without recharging. An electric charge can be filled out for 30 minutes on special stations or for about 8 hours in an usual home electrical network.

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