2021 Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck

The American mid-size pickup Chevrolet Colorado has another scheduled update. The current Colorado has been produced already since 2011, and if the “international pickup” has already been upgraded, then the American version of the truck has been produced unchanged all years. Chevrolet decided to correct this injustice and prepared the Chevrolet Colorado model year 2021 for the North American market with a modern exterior design in the style of Chevrolet Silverado’s older brother. In the review photo, video, price and technical specifications of the updated Chevrolet Colorodo.


The production of the upgraded Chevrolet Colorado pickup starts in July 2020. Sales of the updated model in the United States are planned for this fall at a price of $ 26,395. A pre-reform pickup can be bought at a more affordable price from $ 22,395 for the basic package, but it is not popular and will be discontinued. The $ 4,000 increase is just a fee for a richer outfit.


The appearance of the updated mid-size Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck has changed minimally. The truck received a larger two-story radiator grille with a new design. Modified front bumper with a stylish design. And a new tailgate with the inscription Chevrolet.
Extreme pickup Colorado ZR2 updated like the regular versions of the model, but lost the front bumper. A powerful grill grille covers almost the entire face of the car.
Restyled versions of the Chevrolet Colorado 2021 have few new parts.


The updated Chevrolet Colorado 2021 pickup has not technically changed. Under the hood, a choice of two gasoline engines and one turbo diesel.
Gasoline four-cylinder 2.5-liter engine (200 hp 258 Nm) with 6-speed manual transmissions or 6-speed automatic transmissions.
More powerful gasoline 3.6-liter V6 (308 hp 373 Nm) with 8-speed automatic transmissions.
And a four-cylinder turbo diesel 2.8L Duramax (181 hp 500 Nm) with 6-speed manual transmissions or 6-speed automatic transmissions.
Rear-wheel drive 2WD or full 4WD.

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